“Its inebriating smells tell our love for our land.”

Our Style

Cesare Filippini is the enthusiastic author of the company’s rebirth. Since a few years he’s striving to reach the absolute quality, pursued without losing sight of his farming culture heritage. The respect and regard for the local olive heritage, combined with cutting edge processing techniques, result in a superior quality products, where local and company identities merge with passion and enthusiasm.

For our oil we created a polished look, inspired by the finest wines’ bottles. This bottle is the result of an extensive research and a thorough design process, it brings elegance and versatility to the table.

It is the modern expression of our idea, in taste, quality and shape.

The Project


The history of Tenuta Le Selve begins in 2000: Cesare Filippini, 26, takes over the family estate and begins producing a superior quality oil.

With determination and without compromises a really good product is born: good because genuine, sincere and honest. These are the values Cesare Filippini obstinately put in his ambitious project. An everyday challenge fulfilled with perseverance and passion.